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From the Prompt: The Beautiful Voice

THE PREMISEREAD HERE  Thanks WritersDigest and Brian A. Klems for the weekly inspiration.

My Take on the Prompt:


If those digits were people, she’d have poked out several eyes with the fury of her index finger.

“Seriously, you don’t have to press that hard,” her sister said, peering over her shoulder.

“It’s the principle, Bianca. I didn’t create this bill. Besides, why would I order two cases of Moroccan oil from an infomercial?”

Soft rock from an era long before all night television and identity theft floated across the line as Connie’s blood pressure rose. “As soon as they answer this phone, I’m going to—“

“Manes Incorporated.” A deep voice cut through her rant.

For the second time in a week she stated her complaint; however, there was something about this guy’s voice Continue reading “From the Prompt: The Beautiful Voice”

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April, 2016 Untitled

I looked for you in faces and towns
lyrics and dreams,
landlines acquaintances birthdays

Across miles and states
you said you searched
for me, too

issuing missing person reports
to anyone who’d listen:
knee high, brown, baby face
Special. Very special

Inquiries dismissed by busy workers,
messages that never made it
from their lips to my ears
A hastily written number
that failed to reach my hands

Now you say, now you tell me
You came
For me

Fate crazy late, irony right on time

Seeing you is like calendars flipped back,
images still the same
Hearing you as clear as the first hello

You and Me,
similar spirits,
in spite of paths chosen
Special…Very special


sms aka whatevertheyaint
april 11 2016

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Comparing Suffering

I can relate to feeling “guilty” for feeling. However, this blog post is encouraging in that it lets one know that it’s ok to be both empathetic to others and to acknowledge and give ourselves that same caring and nurturing.

The Gloria Sirens

Comparison is the death of joy.

–Mark Twain


A lot has been said about the potential for suffering when comparing yourself to your friends on Facebook—they seem to be happy, successful, living perfect lives, making you feel pathetic as you muddle through in your usual imperfect way. But there’s also a type of suffering that comes from comparing yourself to people whose pain is different from yours. This suffering strikes people with depression extra hard, leading us to minimize what’s going on for us, to deny our pain. How many of you have ever said, “Yeah, I’m feeling pretty sad, but you know, it’s not like I’m a refugee, someone with real reasons to struggle.”

Well let me say clearly to you, now, that your pain is real. You are allowed to feel it, and you should not add to it by feeling “guilty” or like you don’t “deserve” to…

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