Now That It Is Over

The wild euphoria of completing Nanowrimo (I am sure the neighbors heard me screaming and clapping around 11:45 on Nov 28th) has diminished to exciment.  The exhaustion that was ignored on countless occassions is finally saying, “Hey, look at me; I am that sane part of your brain that you should have listened to.”  And the rest of life has gone back to its regular, somewhat boring pattern.  What do I do with my  nights now?  How do I spend lunch breaks at work?  You mean I can actually go to bed and…eat?

This was  my first year participating in the challenge and I must say that it wasn’t easy.  Maybe that is what makes winning feel so grand.

Until next time, fellow writers…

Congrats to those that have  made it, and for those who haven’t yet–“To The Finish!”

And Best Wishes