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Letting Go–Wise Words For The Perfectionist

I think I could remember the opening paragraph in my sleep.  I’ve stripped the entire story down to the point of having to give it back its clothes. (Yes, I often take “bare minimum” and “minimalism” to the extreme)  I’ve read enough Dos and Don’ts articles to identify the major no-no’s: too much telling, too little plot, dialogue that takes over to the point of turning a novel into a screenplay…

So why am I sweating like a kid at his first recital?

Bottom line:  You do ALL that you can; you edit, proofread, draw your characters and shade them in with each revise; you find someone other than your doting Mother and favorite co-worker—preferably a professional—to give their no-holds-bar opinion of what’s good and what stinks in your story.  You revise again.  Then…you let go, because, in the end, that is the whole point. Right?



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3 thoughts on “Letting Go–Wise Words For The Perfectionist

    1. I know:D Um, I haven’t let go yet. It’s one of those “do as I say, not as I do” post. LOL In fact, I’m more on the “if it ain’t done yet, put it back in the oven” mood today. You know how excited you get with a story…at first? Then you go back and think, “I can’t believe I showed this to people!” Well, I’ve done that with the draft, the first rewrite…, Never feed a half-cooked story to your audience:-) In all seriousness, though, I am a perfectionist; I could rewrite fifty times, and every one else could say stop it, and I’d still find something to “fix.” Best wishes on your writing.


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