And Sometimes All A Writer Needs Is…Rest

I call it a perfect day; the clouds are dark and the sky hazy, there is a light drizzle that sets in for the entire afternoon, and streetlights have a somewhat ambivalent glow.  I ponder what to do on such a cozy Sunday.  Should I do the average–cook, clean, iron in preparation for the following week?  Or should I indulge in cyber space, or, perhaps, a couple of sitcoms from my Golden Girls DVD set?

The room is quiet, nothing but the soft hum of an electric heater, which, in this house of noisemakers and aspiring harmonica players, is rare.

“I could begin the revision of chapters five and six of my novel,” I think to myself as I lay down on the oh-so-cozy couch.  Yes, I can do that and then cook and iron while I watch television.  (Talk about multi-tasking)  I wrap a blanket around my body as I mentally go over this to-do list.

However, the tapping of rain on my tin roof (so glad we did that last year), along with the warmth of the room, lulls me into slumber.  A nice, quiet place were there are no bickering children, or music making devises, or request of one’s time…

Sometimes all a writer needs is…rest.

Have a great Sunday, fellow bloggers:-)


2 thoughts on “And Sometimes All A Writer Needs Is…Rest

  1. Yes that is very true! I often find that when I’m resting, that is when inspiration strikes – and I ask it to come back later. Glad you had a restful day!


    1. I did have a lovely rest. And thank you for reading the post and comnmenting. Oh, and somewhere in there I…eventually worked on the revisions I’d planned on getting to before the day was over:-)


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