Perhaps I’ll Let You In On A Secret

Psst.  Hey.  You there?

Alright, lean in a little closer. Okay, here we go:

Most times I feel like a writer.  I didn’t say I am.

When I sit down with a pen, a scrap of paper, a keyboard, a screen (with odd scribbles which Thing 2 called “art” created by an eraser), I feel at home.  Perhaps you too have a hobby, something that completes you, calms you, allows you to become one with that part of yourself the world tries to snatch away.  Painting?  Composing?  Tinkering with cars?

Simply put, I am most free and in my element when writing.  And I can’t explain it with words, even though words are my passion.  But here’s the secret:  According to  e-readers and book stores and publishing houses and agents, I’m not a writer; they’ve never heard of me! Well, maybe a few bookstores, but that was a magazine and it was a long time ago.  Does it matter?  Not really.  Because this is what I do.   It is what I was doing long before blogs and huge social networks and the “sharing” frenzy.

Yet, I think there are differences between writing, publishing, and authorship.  Some of my favorite bloggers are writers.  Of course they are! (Duh, they wrote something.)  Have they been published on a grand scale, other than their own blog?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Do I still love their honesty, their humor, and their unique voices.  Of course.  Are they authors?  Depends on how you define that.  I say yes.

Here’s the other secret:  All the how-to’s and do’s get a little overwhelming.  Show, don’t tell.  Okay. Don’t screw up the first five pages; you’ll get trashed–at best, thrown in the stack of slush.  So I’ve heard.  Write about what you know. Got it. What about what you don’t know. Huh?  Now I don’t know what I know.  

See what I mean?

In the end, just write.  If it’s in you, you’ll do it anyway–because you can’t stop; that writer’s itch won’t let you.  Write for you.  For them. (If you want to)  For us.

And now, for a list overdue.  A few blogs/sites I’ve come to enjoy.  I hope they don’t mind.  If they do, they can always email me or comment in the comment box and say, “Hey, take me off there.”

P.S. Because I am technically challenged and have tried to insert to no avail, I will simply list their names and you can take it from there, technical experts.

And there are many more but we’ll take it slowly.  Even better, check out the blog roll.  If I missed you here, don’t spaz.  I’ll be back.