Random Thoughts Often Run Through…

Because sometimes you want to connect to someone and something

 you want empathy, not sympathy

 you want to be understood and understand

 that we’re all different, yet all the same…


there’s been so much talk about journals the last couple of days that I decided to rummage through a few of mine–both hard copy and via livejournal.  wow, sometimes we forget where our thoughts and feelings led us once.  thank goodness for these snippets of our lives to help us remember.

from http://bluegreenlilac.livejournal.com


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Often Run Through…

  1. This is beautiful! You said so much in so few words. I can feel your emotions, and I wish for you many days knowing empathy, and being as free as you can from pain.


  2. Hi–

    I’ve kept a journal for years. Once in a while I look back and I find I’ve got good material for a story or poem or whatever. Incidentally, speaking of poetry, I’ve been giving the Pantoum a whirl.


        1. No prob. I’m probably above to “overshare” with this next post I just published. Lol. Just been a long day. I need to vent, in a creative way. So, here’s to sharing the real me behind all the poetry and writing advice:-)


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