Givers Vs Takers by Monte Robinson

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Some people are Givers; some are Takers. Givers give. Takers take. To do the opposite of what you are takes learning to ignore your natural instincts.

You give because that is who you are. To ignore someone in need would cause you mental anguish, because you cannot imagine not giving. A Taker however never thinks to give, because it is not in their mental makeup. They suffer no such anguish, because they are too consumed with what they can get to concern themselves with what they can give.

Givers are often a good relationship match for Takers, but the same cannot be said in reverse. The duality of man requires the Giver to fulfill his need to take, however small it may be, in order for him to achieve satisfaction in a relationship. With a Taker, satisfaction can be difficult to achieve as very little is given.


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6 thoughts on “Givers Vs Takers by Monte Robinson

  1. It appears a Taker can be a Giver. In the post it states, “To do the opposite of what you are TAKES learning to ignore your natural instincts.” Which is exactly what a Taker is; they take. lol

    I do see where it is all coming from though. Good post.


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