Miles, Music, & 2001

Writing isn’t my only love. In fact, I’m not sure which came first in my life–writing or music.   Let’s see, I wanted to play guitar and take dance lessons sometime before pre-K, and as soon as I learned how to place my alphabets correctly on the little blue dotted lines, I began creating stories.  Still, if you think about it, it looks like music came first.

However, my introduction to Miles was somewhat of an accident.  I decided to buy Kind of Blue because…well, it fit my mood at the time.  My best friend was getting married and I was a little melancholy, unsure of how it would change our relationship.  Every evening, I’d light a citronella candle, sit outside, and write about the upcoming change in our lives, all while listening to Miles.

Ironically, that CD was also the introduction to my husband.  Yep, the best friend got married. And later, I got married.  But before that, I met Future Hubby in the CD section of a retail store. I was looking for more of the jazz genius I’d been listening to for the past couple of months.  Future Hubby’s words were, “what you now about Miles Davis?”  Of course, the man who is now my husband had tried several times before then to get me to call him and go out with him, but something about him challenging me with a music question struck a chord.  From there ensued a debate. And then a date.

Soon came marriage and children. I’d put the kids to sleep with Kind of Blue and Love Songs by Miles.

Somewhere in there, one night while I was asleep, I heard a horn, a distinct pitch, a sound that only Miles could create.  I looked up. I’d fallen asleep with the television on one of those music channels that play all night.  Solea, it read at the bottom. By Miles Davis.

I knew it!  But where, on what CD?  Obviously one I didn’t have.  I adjusted my eyes to the blue light of the television screen–Sketches of Spain, the words read.  I had to find it.

F.Y.I:  If you’ve never heard it and you like jazz, go get it.

Art comes in all forms, not just books and poetry.


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  1. Always nice to read a post from a Miles Davis appreciator and it is especially illumnating since as you mention the music was inseparably linked to (positive) events in your own life. You also mention “Kind of Blie” another classic in the Miles canon. Obviously, you have good taste in music (and your husband obviously has good taste in women.)


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