Poetry Month, PAD Challenges

Well, national poetry month is nearing its end.  That doesn’t mean the party has to stop.  Let’s keep it going.  The following poem comes from my first PAD challenge.  I participated in November of last year WHILE doing Nano.  (What was I THINKING?!)  It was my first time jumping into both endeavors; talk about crazy!  Which, ironically, is also the title of this poem.  The prompt was, Sort Of:

Sort Of Crazy

The alarm doesn’t sound,
our hair is unkempt,
it’s sort of crazy
that we’ve been so lazy.

The children haven’t eaten;
we overslept,
and the only one sleeping–
quiet as it’s kept,
says, “Give them some mushrooms
and add some raisins,”
which is kind of crazy.

Mom’s in ER. I got a call.
I don’t do hospitals–
not at all.

It’s sort of crazy,
I hold out hope
today won’t end up crazy
in the middle of Fall.

The weather is rainy;
wish the sun would come out,
that it all would turn out…
not so crazy.