The Thing About Blogrolls…

Is that I can’t fit everybody over there in that little corner and I love you all, not in a weird, stalkery loonerish (yes, I’ve created my own vocab) kind of way, but in a you-all-deserve-your-props type adoration.

If it weren’t for you guys and your dedication to reading this blog, I’d still have a 1 in that intimidating space that says blog stats.  By the way, it is nearing 1,000, which is something I never thought could happen.  Seriously, I stared at that lone number 1 for weeks.  Radical Amazement at thanks for being my first reader and follower:-)

Then, there were the friends who dropped in–whom I made drop in, rather, because, surely, something had to be wrong with the analytics.  Barb at Mommy of Three thank you so much for sticking with me through good and bad and all the hilarious moments in between.  May we remain friends for life; we have to, you keep me laughing when the going gets tough.

To the top readers and commenters,

Miss Elizabeth , inspirational storyteller extraordinaire,

Alunderblog at , English teacher and writer whose writing voice I dig,

Mr. R better known as Rixbitz of music and book reviewer,

and Sharmistha Basu of the same name here at word press who is big on form poetry and often comes over to check out mine.

Not to mention the other folks who have decided to follow this blog.  Trust me, I drop in and read your blogs and websites too.   In fact, that’s what I’ve been doing all morning, ever since the babysitter called to say her and her daughter are taking a spa day and, well, sorry.  I don’t blame her.  She rarely takes days off.  Meanwhile, if I don’t hurry up and do something besides piddle around here, my family and I will all starve!  The irony of no babysitter is that I’m on a 3-day medical leave (naughty lupus flare) and I’m supposed to be on bedrest.  Bwahahah…

But back to what I was saying:

Know the Sphere 

Titillating Thoughts

Cyril Cliffette

Maggie Mae

Guy Nickwell

Miss Carol

Four Blue Hills

Jean Sica-Lieber



Maggie Mae

The list is long but I appreciate everyone on it, okay…

And others who have taken the time to comment or share words of wisdom and support:

Kate Meadows

Kathy of Lake Superior

Trina Lynne


…and those on the blogroll

(see aforementioned blogroll located to the right of the screen)


Prepare for virtual Kool-aid and cookies when I reach a thou. Seriously, I can’t even imagine that many people, but in any event, here’s to celebrating each day of our lives.  Have a blessed Monday.


3 thoughts on “The Thing About Blogrolls…

  1. Awww thanks for the mention. Of course we will be friends for life! Love your writing!


  2. Thanks for your loverly comment Shonte’. You think 1000 makes you feel good. Just wait till it hits 25,000! And it will 🙂


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