The Party Went On Without Me

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So, I promised Kool-aid and cookies upon reaching a thousand clicks.  Somewhere along the way that happened and I missed it.  As of right now I’m at 1,o31 and have  nothing in the fridge to offer:-(

Anyway, I have to admit that this is not the way to throw a party.  May I offer you some milk, or bread?  We could make…toast, with a slice of cheese on top.  Or one of you could dash to the grocery store, saving me the drama of trying to stick to a list and budget on an empty stomach.  ( Ever heard that old saying about shopping when hungry; you’ll spend all your money; trust me, I know.)

In any event, cheers.  Just imagine your favorite beverage and snack and voila–instant party.

I’ll do better next week.  I promise.  When my ear isn’t throbbing and my throat doesn’t feel like a scratch pad and I’m not held hostage on a job, trying to smile at folks when all I wanna do is get in bed with a shot of Nyquil.

Have a safe weekend, everyone.

See ya next week.


3 thoughts on “The Party Went On Without Me

  1. Congrats, Miz Whatever … What’s that they say? The first one thousand clicks are the hardest! Now all I have to do is figure out who “they” are! (or whoever they ain’t)


    1. LOL It’s rough when the groceries run out. I remember when they used to make up weird stuff toward the end of the school year–soup, sheperd’s pie, “mystery meals” with what I truly believe was everything left in the freezer. Buy enough food for me when you go:-)


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