Round Robin

I set the scene with the first sentence and three brilliant writers took it from there.  I want to give props to Vejukka, Jamz, and Monte R for their creative input, and a story that flows seamlessly even though four very different people lend their words.

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The sky was  a blanket of gray, not an ideal day for a wedding, especially an outdoor one.  In retrospect, this was  a sign.  

Before 10am the lilac and pink roses were nodding their heads in the drizzle and the lawn was too soggy for stilettos. Plan B was therefore set upon and the guests crammed into the anteroom of the small chapel on folding chairs ordered in wavering lines.

This was not ideal. It was hot, and crowded. The bride was rumored to be distraught, the groom tippling. In-laws of both sexes had nearly come to blows. The best man and the maid of honor – who had arrived separately on time with their respective signficant others – had not been seen since shortly after 9:30.

Perhaps it was not so very surprising then, shouts and screams notwithstanding, that at 11:17 two very loud noises shook the chapel. Around the time that the bride and groom should have been concluding their nuptials before fleeing to the plane that was to carry them to a sunnier, less moist climate, the police arrived.

“No!” A familiar, female voice shrieked from the adjoining room. Janice, the previously, inconveniently, absent maid of honor burst into the room with a look of horror on her face and spatters of blood on her gown. “He’s trying to kill me! He’s trying to kill me!”

Two more shots came whizzing through the crowded room. The first shot barely missing the first officer’s face only because he turned his head to look at Janice as she raced past him. His sudden turn spared his children from being fatherless; however, it laid the foundation for a lifetime of nightmares as he helplessly watched the second shot pierce his partners forehead and violently explode from the back of his head.

“Everybody down!” He had to bellow to be heard over the frenzied screams and shouts. “On the floor, now!”

His stomach churned at the sight of his partner’s body, broken and bleeding on the ground. Plum Grange was a small town. There hadn’t been a violent crime in those parts for over five years, and hardly anyone could remember a murder. But here they were, in a church filled with out-of-towners, all hell breaking loose, and an officer was dead.

His walkie-talkie crackled. “Status, Roberts?”

“Officer down.” His voice quavered as he spoke. “I repeat, officer down. Shots have been fired. I’m gonna need some back-up.” He was moving warily through the crowded church, past the frightened guests huddled on the ground, their fancy clothes rumpled and stained with sweat.

“Copy that. Reinforcements are on their way.”


{Vejukka, Jamz, Monte/2-9-2011}


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