River (A free write)

it’s raining

and she’s the only one to hear

because, well, folks prefer sunshine,


pearly whites–

smile, baby, smile

all the while, it’s pouring; puddle now a river rushing through

they can’t see it; tell her to get over it,

to skip over…

a river!

so she swims to keep from drowning. smiles to keep from crying

a river



8 thoughts on “River (A free write)

  1. Your poem is beautiful and sometimes, those dark moments evoke wonderful inspiration. Although, I do hope the sun peeks through for you very soon… 🙂


    1. Thank you, LS. I think I’ll be okay with the proper rest. Just don’t know when that will be. Hopefully tomorrow? I always seem to mess up when I PLAN for it. LOL


  2. I’ve been mullling on this very problem myself, and I’ve come to the conclusion, those dark clouds are just as important to our writing as the sun. How else would we connect with those needing to know they are not alone? Readers will read this and say, “Ah, that’s exactly how I feel.”

    I think this poem is one of your best because of it’s candid honesty. I love it.

    PS You have a very wise mother.


    1. Never thought of it that way, Miss Elizabeth. I used to think Ma was off her rockers with her “get off the stage” theory, but now I truly understand. I don’t think it’s possible to free ourselves from society completely, although when she and Grandmom shut it down they uplug EVERYthing and practically go into hiding. I remember my kids asking once, “But Nana, what if the house catches on fire!” (She’d placed a Do Not Disturb sign on her door) She told em, “Just follow Paw-Paw.” LOL


  3. Your poem is so true– about what others expect (gleaming happiness) and the abject loneliness felt as we swim alone. It’s not for others that we swim, but for ourselves. Thank you for sharing your poem.


    1. These are the type writings I pause and debate over. “Should I just write it in my personal journal or…” Often times I’ll post it and then hurriedly go back and press delete. But thank you for your comment, as well as Miss Elizabeth and LS.


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