Feeling Some Kind of Way…

Which way are you headed?

Whose measures are you striving to conform to?

When you look in the mirror, do you see your face?

Are you the perfect fit to some other man’s box?

Or are you the middleman who can’t decide.



One thought on “Feeling Some Kind of Way…

  1. I was scrolling down the “Notifications” list on my wordpress blog and I came across a prompt that you had emailed a few weeks ago. I have been carrying around a short story but (for various reasons) I haven’t been spending a lot of time at the computer. So here goes (file this under Better Late Than Never?)

    I was walking along beach around nightfall when I first met her. She had fiery red hair and pale skin and white teeth that glinted oddly in the moonlight. She looked just like that girl in True Blood. Y’know, Deborah Ann whatshername.

    “You’re just about the most gorgeous creature I’ve seen in this neck of the woods,” I panted.

    “I’m hungry.” she said with a wolfish grin. “I haven’t had a bite all day.”

    So I bit her.

    Immediately I felt kinda stoned, my vision started to blur and I swear the moon started to fall out of the sky.

    I let out a howl and headed for the nearest beachside bar. Suddenly I felt powerful thirsty.

    I walked into the bar and there was a young woman who looked just like that actress. What’s her name? Oh, that’s right. Rutina Wesley. Funny. I can remember her name but all of a sudden I can’t remember the name of the show she’s on.

    “You’re just my type,” I said woozily. “Blood type, that is.” And sunk my teeth into her neck.

    I can’t remember a whole lot after that … there was the sound of sirens … and someone running and screaming (I think it was me)

    Anyway, these days I sit in a cage. Don’t get me wrong. It is roomy enough and there is a shower and bathroom in back and cable and all. There’s also a weird picture on the wall. I don’t know how to describe it but it seems to have something to do with the moon. Go figure.

    Once a day I get a visit from a young woman in a white smock. She says she is studying supernatural phenomena. And then she shoots me with a tranquilizer dart.

    My vision starts to blur and I think that I have finally decided what that picture is about when ……………………………….


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