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If I could peer into future,

like I read a book,

I would know

I could look

at the middle, ending, and begin again

solve the riddle

of being born to cry,

living to die

Marching blindly with open eyes

to the “big surprise” of

what you’ll be…or what you won’t

if you will…or if you won’t

Forging on–

weeks, hours, minutes

toward life’s demise

Like running blindly…

with open eyes



**Thoughts and prayers to the victims and family members of the tragedy  yesterday.



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    1. Really aren’t any words for it. Just…speechless. Such a sick thing to do. May they be in peace and may their families be comforted…over time, because nothing is ever really “forgotten” when you lose someone close to you. Still shaking my head. 😦


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