Assess and Avoid

Run, run–as fast as you can

don’t let it catch you–

that depression, man

just run, fast, faster,

fast as you can


And then what?




4 thoughts on “Assess and Avoid

  1. My brother-on-law has it now. Seems he got really down when he lost his job. He was a farmer all his adult life (until he sold the farm) and according to my sister he’s not accustomed to taking orders from someone else. Bottom Line … he is now on anti depressants and … anyway I am going to send him this poem. (As a creative person I can relate to this poem myself. “And then what?” Exactly.)


    1. Sorry to hear that about your brother-in-law. Depressionn is no joke; seems like once a person is in it, it is hard to release one’s self from its grip. Thnx for digging the poem enough to pass it on. Maybe it will get a smile out of him:-) > Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 02:27:43 +0000 > To: >


  2. I suffered depression for years. I concur with your prescription for avoiding it. Run people, RUN! 🙂


  3. Hope and pray that you really did out run it! 🙂

    Depression is one hell of a thing to let catch you though! I try to ‘sleep it off’ as much as possible.


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