From the Archive: Love Games 7/2009


i’ve searched for you an eternity,

rested many places along the way

lost and found and lost again

what tricky games to play

strange rooms, same darkness–

familiar, empty hole

heart ripped then mended

in the game of heart and soul

you hide and i wait,

or you come and i go

universal mystery–

are you friend or foe?

who are you, really, love;

from where do you come;

did i pass you in disguise

in this game of hit and run?


*Miss Elizabeth, I think this was my first post to the WD forum:-)  I was so scared and nervous.  You made a great moderator, and you guys taught me so much.


4 thoughts on “From the Archive: Love Games 7/2009

  1. You were and still are a wonderful poet and writer. (You didn’t need much help at all.) I’m so glad you got the courage to post on WD. You’ve written so many beautiful, honest and poignant pieces it’s been great to see your progress. Keep up the good work. 🙂


    1. Do you remember this one from the forum? 🙂 BTW, thank you. I like reading Robert Brewer’s poetic asides and trying out all those weird poetic forms. Maybe I’ll post one of those one day too.


    1. Wow. And this was my first poem ever as far as posting. I sat at my desk, scared to death, awaiting a critique from the forum at WD. Made some life-long friends there, and much has changed since then, but… Thanks, R.


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