Poets & Poetry III

English: American Transcendentalist Christophe...
English: American Transcendentalist Christopher Pearse Cranch, from a heliotype about 1860. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Do Not Let  Pedro Pietri


When I Was One-and-Twenty  A.E. Housman


Drinking Alone in the Moonlight    Li Po


It’s Fine Today   Douglas Malloch


Thinking   Walter D Wintle


Funeral Blues   W.H. Auden


Mixed Sketches   Don L Lee


The Gardener    Rabindranath Tagore


Solitude    Ella Wilcox


Wishing    Ella Wilcox


The Props Assist the House    Emily Dickinson


Love Poem    Leslie Marmon Silko


Today is a Day of Great Joy    Victor Hernandez Cruz


Thought    Christopher Cranch


Drop a Pebble in the Water    James W Foley


The Red Wheelbarrow    William C Williams


Visits to St Elizabeth’s    Elizabeth Bishop


The Song of Despair    Pablo Neruda


Leisure    W.H. Davies


A Certain Peace    Nikki Giovanni


Life’s Lessons


All for the Best