Thinkin’… Music & Artforms: Frank Ocean

So I came to the song late.  And maybe I’m not as hip to the music game as I used to be.  And perhaps I ceased tuning in to the radio because every song consisted of getting into bed, leaving a club, grinding while in a club, or getting one’s drank on.  Ain’t knocking the music hustle,  just grew tired of the lack of creativity.

But that changed on the way home one night.

On this night, someone called my name, my middle name, the six-letter word add apostrophe that only a few know. I didn’t stop, but it came again– spoken softly, the way only one person could. My feet came to a halt as I cautiously looked around.  And that’s when I saw him.

You know that awkward moment when you haven’t seen someone in eons (in this case, a decade) and you don’t know whether to nod, shake hands, side pat, or ignore them altogether?  I went for the nod; he chose the bear hug.   So, I immediately withdrew, the way any sane, legally attached, content/happily married woman would.  Gave the standard, “Good seeing you,” which, basically translates into a cordial buh-bye.

For good measure, I added, “Yeah, really  have to go.  Need to pick up such-n-such and after that, I have to such-n-stuff-n-such.” Then I got in my car and, by chance, turned on the radio. What did I hear? Some dude talking about Idaho and California.  But I kept listening.  And then he hit falsetto:  “But…do you…not…think so far…ahead…”

I turned the volume higher as I rounded the corner.  I listened.  And smiled.

Frank Ocean

Channel Orange


Faves on constant repeat:

  • Thinkin’ Bout You
  • Pink Matter
  • Sierra Leone
  • White (Should have been a song but some tight-boss jazz!)
  • Sweet Life
  • Super Rich Kids
  • Pilot Jones
  • Bad Religion
  • Forrest Gump
  • Pyramids

2 thoughts on “Thinkin’… Music & Artforms: Frank Ocean

  1. Verrreeey interesting. 🙂 I’d never heard of Frank Ocean until last night on the Grammy nominations. Must go and see if YouTube has any of his stuff.

    Hope you are feeling better (hugs)


    1. 🙂 You’ll find him on YouTube, Miss Elizabeth. Start with Thinkin’ Bout You and see what you think. “White” is the brief jazz-like interlude I mentioned. It’s nice. I’m feeling okay. I’ll have to inbox you at the forum spot to update you on the details. Thnx for the hug.


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