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To be Red in a Garden of Yellow

During a time in which hearts are heavy and the world continues to spin at a chaotic pace, at a time in which I’ve made one of the most crucial transitions of my life, as grey wintry clouds lay low and rain patters the busy city street…this picture made me smile and gave me a renewed sense of hope. Perhaps it is the vivid imagery. Or the lone, red tulip standing tall amonst the crowd. Whatever it is about this picutre, it gave me a sense of renewed inspiration.

Louise Fagan

To work with creative people is a tremendous gift.  Days filled with questions, searching for explanation and understanding. Social commentary, expressing the human condition, taking what’s inside and churning it out, exploring, defining, soothing, infuriating… nothing is off limits for the artist’s probing perspective. To be a creative thinker is to be at once an artist, sociologist, listener, observer, explorer, imaginative and brave.  Oh yes, brave.  Whether you are the most celebrated recognized artist or create without audience or support, the personal dilemma can be the same; ‘who am I to write, or compose, or draw, sculpt, paint… why is my story unique or worth telling’.

The colleagues I have been working with have faced this inner struggle and  have found their voices. It’s a challenge to believe in your unique perspective. Being a red tulip in a garden of yellow can be, well, uncomfortable. Or absolutely stunning. Ralph Waldo…

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2 thoughts on “To be Red in a Garden of Yellow

  1. Thank you for reblogging my post. I agree about the photo – it reminds me of the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ which is an Australian phrase. If you dare to stand on what you believe and who you are, it may hold you above the crowd. This can make you an easy target especially if you succeed. But what is the alternative? Being our own wondrous unique selves is how we are supposed to be living our lives. When we do we grow tall, strong, red/green/purple/yellow, and the world’s garden is the more glorious because of it.


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