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In Which I Come Out of My Element

There are times when the jolly people irritate me.  Yes, I said it. Happy, pseudo, and positive folk get on my nerve under certain circumstances.  Are there times when you feel this way?  Perhaps when sleep or food deprived?

Today I am in pain.  Today I learned that my hand issues go beyond carpal tunnel. Today I heard, “but we’ll discuss the rest later.”  What I wanted to read from the surgeon’s lips was, “you’ll be better than new once I’m done with you.”  Of course, that is wishful thinking.

I know that it will work out, because the logical, positive side of me realizes that. HOWEVER, that ain’t what I’m feeling today. My emotional radar is between exasperated and exhausted, and the weather isn’t helping either. I’m in that not-so-nice-mood where you either tell the innocent party (a) can you just listen or (b) if you’re happy and you know it, just shut up.

So how about you? Does the weather affect your moods? What alternatives do you find helpful when dealing with melancholy?


OAN:  Posting will come to a crawl during the next four weeks as I embark upon surgery (next week),  recovery (following two weeks), surgery (couple of weeks after that), and subsequent recovery (undetermined).  I will strive to entertain you with guest post (hooray, someone’s voice other than mine), archives, and exquisitely HAPPY quotes.



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2 thoughts on “In Which I Come Out of My Element

  1. Oh Shonte’, some folks can be totally oblivious. And I hate to admit it, but I can be one of them thar, some folks.

    I know facing surgery is SO scary especially when the docs aren’t hearing you or answering you the way you need. I’ll be praying for you that the sun shines through the clouds and you get overwhelmed by God’s wonderful peace and protection.

    “May the Lord bless and keep you Shonte’.
    May He turn His face toward you and be gracious to you.
    May He grant you peace.” (Para Numbers 6:24-26.)


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