Wearer of Many Hats


I’m a little anxious, a little glad

somewhat happy, sometimes sad

a little lost and a little found

mostly simple, at times profound

A sole individual, a piece of the whole

In tune with the world, in synch with my soul

A little of this, but mainly that

See if you can catch my hat


Your Turn: How would you describe yourself?  How many hats do you wear (figuratively)? Can you create a poem based on one or both of those themes?


No Hats Beyond This Point
No Hats Beyond This Point (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5 thoughts on “Wearer of Many Hats

  1. Awesome! Sometimes, it’s during those moments that thoughts seep into our minds and that’s when we struggle for the pen and paper! Great job and I don’t even know your first name after all this blogging time…I’d love to, but if you’d rather remain private, I understand, too! 🙂



    1. Thanks, LS. I rarely use my first name in relation to my writing, but the name means “genuine” when looked up in one’s dictionary. Some dude told me it’s originally Greek. In any event, my dad picked it out. Thankful b/c Mom had a HIDEOUS name in mind:-) You can call me Shonte’ here. Hope thinks are going okay for you. I drop by your blog pretty often.


      1. Okay, I understand and I love the meaning “genuine.” Thanks Shonte and I know we’ve visited each other’s blogs, but I usually like to have some way of addressing my other blogging friends…now I do! Take care!


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