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Some of you are familiar with Barbie Ann.  She shared her thoughts in Remembrance and kindly allowed me to use one of her photos for Prompt Tuesday.  Today we delve further and meet the woman behind the camera.



What type of camera do you use and do you feel this matters, as far as quality of a photo?

I use a Kodak 2.0 pixel camera. It’s very low rate, and has cost me publishing jobs. My goal is to get a better camera soon. Even if your picture is amazing, the quality of the camera can ruin it.

What subject matter do you prefer working with and why?

I prefer to work with nature. I have a strong connection with nature. Nothing makes me happier then getting eye to eye with bees and butterflies.

What has been the most challenging aspect of this creative field so far?  Please explain.

The biggest challenge is time–and more important, alone time.

How do you balance your love of art with your everyday activities and responsibilities.

Right now the love for the craft has taken a back seat to motherhood. That will change with time, but the soul constantly craves the craft like a drug.

Any suggestions for the “perfect picture”?

The perfect picture is unplanned. Your soul has to feel the light balance. The color will tickle the subject. The heart gets jittery and then boom the perfect photo presents itself.



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    1. Thnx. Being that you’re a photographer as well, I’d love to hear what your answers are to the same questions. Being able to take gorgeous pics is an art in itself–that, unfortunately, I haven’t mastered 🙂


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