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yet another humorous post from one of my favorite sites, the byronic man. and, yeah, i’m typing in all lowercase b/c i’m in a sling. in any event, this made me laugh out loud (several times) the other day and i’ve decided to spread the joy. if you aren’t familiar with the byronic man’s blog, go on and mosey over–now! i promise you, it is hilarious.

The Byronic Man

In may wayward youth, as I focused on writing and performing, I wound up taking a lot of side jobs while other people built meaningful, lasting careers.  Some of them were your standard barista/pub worker jobs, but there was a litter of oddities… jobs that now appear as mysterious blanks spaces on my resume.  But here’s a little peek at part of the resume behind the resume – a few of the jobs on my secret resume.

Security at a dive bar:  It was one of those bars that was a dive, but also being discovered by hipsters.  90% of the job was laughing at people’s pathetically fake ID’s and walking around a rainy parking lot late at night.


There were frequently fights, but usually just chest-puffing nonsense.  One night a bartender got part of his ear bitten off.  Apparently it has to do with the pool tables.  “If there’s…

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  1. Nice read. Wonder what odd jobs people have done in their life really. I haven’t done too many though but they are creeping up now…like, Quiz Facilitator!


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