I Have Come to These Conclusions…

Suspense has never been my thing.  I can’t take it! That’s why I don’t watch serialized television shows anymore.  Me?  I just wait for the DVD and skip around as I see fit.  To agonize an entire season over whether dude and girl are going to get together, or if  such-n-such is going to “get the ax” (they’re experts on knocking folk’s off on Grey’s), is…too much for my brain to handle.

Same with books.  I tried diligently when my book club read Stephen King’s humongous novel a few years back, the one about the rabbit hole and time travel and JFK.  It was a true page-turner, so much so that somewhere or another, right around the time the lead character’s true mission began, I had to flip to the back, read the last five chapters, and then work my way through the middle.

I do this with magazines, conversation, novels. Everything.

Is this wrong?  Is it?

Anyway, I realized that sustained drama and I don’t mesh well when I began reading  Tuesday’s Child, by Fern Michaels.

I must admit, the story is/was/will be awesome.  I say “is” because I’m still reading. I’m on the part where Sophie has been released and is hiding out in Hawaii. (I’ll tell you the gist of the overall plot in a minute)

The “was” is because I couldn’t stay up till 1 a.m. another night not knowing what was going on!  And the “will be” is because I’ve now read the ending and know that this book is a must read.

So there.

Yes, I’ve somewhat spoiled the excitement and am not as obsessed with reading, but I’ll find my way back to where I left off and complete the book…eventually.

Now, about the book.  Top prosecutor, Kala, represents a twenty-four-year-old nurse who is accused  of murdering her invalid patient. The nurse, Sophie, is found guilty by a jury and spends the next ten years in prison.  Meanwhile, the husband of  Audrey (the deceased) gets off free because there is no evidence to prove he did it.

Kala never believed for a second her client, sweet Sophie, could take Audrey’s life, and has fought in Sophie’s behalf for the past ten years. But just as she’s about to retire and give up on the case for good, Audrey’s husband makes a shocking confession.  Not only does he claim to have murdered his wife, but he leaves the entire estate (which his wife had turned over to him upon marriage) to Sophie.  The only stipulation is that Sophie can’t come into the millions until dude’s death. And unfortunately the man is dying.

So Sophie’s lawyers sue the state for wrongful imprisonment, she gains the estate, and is shipped off until all the media hoopla blows over. Meanwhile, all fingers point to the jury and the opposing lawyer, Ryan Spencer.

Of course, nothing is as it seems.  There are surprises, misjudged characters, and lots of secrets.

Find it.  Read it. Let me know what you thought about it. Tuesday’s Child, by Fern Michaels.