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We are lost.  Very lost.  Because dad doesn’t believe in GPS devices or road maps.  It has been this way since my childhood. In fact, I recall one summer afternoon in which we circled around a Holiday Inn for hours because daddy couldn’t figure out the exit and refused to pull over and ask for directions.

So, anyway, we’re in the middle of god-knows-where, and all I can think of is that movie; you know, the one with the crazy, flesh-eating family. What is it called? Chainsaw Massacre?

I bite my nails as the sun goes down over an open field and wonder how in the world Dad plans to get us out of this one.



Just playing around.  The prompt called for a voyage and deserted island.  However, I’ve used my creative license to come up with something else.  Now that I think about it, we should do A ROUND ROBIN!

Come on Ritx, Ike, Miss Elizabeth and fellow scribes. Let’s crank this baby up and come up with a short story.  

Ready? Set? Let’s do it!


6 thoughts on “Snippets & Prompts

  1. I’ve been super busy lately Shonte’, but I do intend to partake. 🙂 As Arnie says, “I’ll be back!”


    1. “You want to take me where?” Sally screamed. “To the islands of Indonesia on a slow boat up to China?” So, he’s finally going to do me in! Okay, she thought, I’ll play along. She grabbed her double-double and gulped it down. “Do I have time to pack?” she asked almost breathless. He nodded. She darted upstairs as Desert Island Discs played Nat King Cole’s Red sails in the Sunset on the radio. Grabbing her handbag she pulled it open. There was only one thing she needed to pack, her fully loaded Glock.



  2. Between the glare of the setting sun and the smug look on my daughter’s face, looking into the rearview mirror has become quite unbearable. I know she thinks I’m lost – she and her mom keep exchanging glances – but I know exactly where I am, where I am going, and what I am going to do when I get there.


  3. Well, here I am on some desert island in the middle of who knows what? At least I escaped from the hold of that Liberian freighter where I had nothing but water and stale tofu wafers to sustain me for three days. Feel like I’m in the middle of a “Survivor” episode. (And I hate reality shows.) Lucky I like bananas because it will probably be a long time before another ship makes a voyage around these parts. Wait! I thought I heard … no, it couldn’t be … AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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