Poets & Poetry III

English: Michael Drayton (1563-1631)
English: Michael Drayton (1563-1631) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

















William Shakespeare  All the World’s a Stage

Michael Drayton   Love’s Farewell

Nikki Giovanni    Resignation

Ogden Nash

William Walsh

Li Po

Julia Alvarez   Love Potions

James Weldon Johnson  The White Witch,  An Indignation Dinner

Claude McKay   If We Must Die

Anne Spencer

George McClellan   A January Dandelion

Josephine Heard    They Are Coming

W.B. Yeats    When You Are Old

Ezra Pound

Steven Dunn    Letter Home

Raymond Carver    Still Looking Out For Number One

Rita Dove

Grace Conkling    I Will Not Give Thee All My Heart

Margaret Atwood   Variations On the Word Love

Alan Dugen   Love Song: I and Thou   

Langston Hughes   The Negro Speaks of Rivers

Omar Khayyam

John Donne   The Computation

James Edwin Campbell