Three Thousand…And Two

I still remember that 1 in the far upper left corner. One person. Yay! They actually read my blog. I’ll go check out theirs and read it too. Then, there was an unprecedented spike. 57! At 1,000 we celebrated in style with cookies and Kool-Aid. Now, here we are, at three Gs, baby! What shall we do? Should we make it a potluck this time?

Along the way, I picked up more bloggers. Let’s welcome them to the shindig, okay?


Sunlit Rain

Paranormal Love

The Byronic Man

The Living Notebook

Thousand Thoughts

Mon Blog…in English…broken English

Snotting Black


Pop! Goes the Charts



Expressions of My Life–An Evolution of Art

Tracie Louise Photography

The Mirror Obscura









*Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. What are you guys bringing? I’ve got us covered on dessert. Cheesecake, anyone?


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