Indie Author: Kim Henry

Local indie author Kim Henry has written three books and is working on her fourth novel. She also appeared in two anthologies under her pen name. I had the pleasure of interviewing Kim and, with her permission, have shared it here:

How do you balance a full-time job with your writing career?

I prioritize everything that goes on in my life so I am able to get a lot accomplished.

Tell us about your writing schedule.

I wake up every morning at 3:30 am I make a cup of coffee and I will write until 5:00 am. I find I write best at this time of the day.

 What was the deciding factor in self-publishing your first novel?

I knew with my first novel shopping it around to different publishing houses was not an option. It could take month’s evens years to get it looked at and possibly signed to a publishing deal. Would you say there are advantages to self-publishing? Nowadays self-publishing is easier than it was when I published my first novel. You have many options some of which are free. You have sites like ,,, and They are really good for an author to self- publish without having to come out-of-pocket a lot of money.

What did you find are disadvantages when going the self-publishing route?

With certain self-publishers you won’t get full royalties. I highly recommend reading the fine print on everything.

How many novels have you written and how would you say your debut novel differs from the one you’re working on now.

I have written three novels and I was a ghostwriter for two anthology series. The novel I am working on now is suspense/murder thriller and my debut novel is what I call a street novel.

How would you say you have grown as a writer over the years?

I have grown and learned so much. I am fortunate to have worked with someone who I feel is one of the best in the literary world. She has taught me so much. I am eternally grateful for being able to learn from her.

What inspires you and from where do you gain ideas?

Life itself inspires me. People and places give me inspiration. I sometimes, not often, will pack up my laptop, my iPod and my tape recorder, and drive to Madison county. In Madison County there is a coffee shop I love. I will sit there with a cup of coffee, look out of the window, and live vicariously through the people who are walking by or coming in the coffee shop.

 Have you always known you wanted to work in a creative field?

Yes, even as a little girl I was creating stories and writing them down.

Any advice for those seeking to self publish?

Believe in yourself and never let anybody make you feel bad about what you are doing or writing about. Hire somebody to edit your work and don’t take criticism personally.

In one word: Writing is_______