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Winners of Bring On the Words: Rick Puetter



Oh, how life’s cares bound up my heart!

I faced each day with dread

My life was so devoid of joy

Held woe I could not shed

What could I do to ease this curse–

To find from pain release?

I lifted goblet to my lips

Drank full, the world to cease

And as I slept upon my bed

A dream appeared to me

It seemed that I in water swam

Then sank into the sea

And down and down my body sank

Pulled down into the deep

I felt my lungs about to burst

Prepared for final sleep

But on the bottom’s rippled sands

Were sunken ships arrayed

The ships not in sad disrepair

But stately were displayed

No rotting timber marred their hills

No mud-encrusted sterns

This not a death-bed of the deep

These ships by God ne’er spurned

This not a graveyard damp and dark–

Wrecks ravaged by petards

No ghostly sailors beyond hope

No soul from heaven barred

But proudly sails were hoisted high

Filled full by current drafts

The sight did draw from me a sigh

To see such spritely crafts

And as these vessels strained to move

To free hulls from the sands

Me thought I heard a Captain cry

“Me hardies next stop land!”

And spirit crews did then appear

Trimmed sails and manned the ropes

So lively did the sailors move

My God, it gave one hope!

Then clouds did move from overhead

And light of moon did gleam

Jeweled rays of light cut through the sea

And lit this brilliant scene

Then slowly from their watery graves

The ships began to move

Their hulls now free from sandy bar–

Untimely death reproved!

And as the vessels sailed away

In water I did rise

Then somehow walked a sun-lit beach

With life restored as prize

And gazing at the sun, amazed

I clutched myself in tears

Oh how my life had been so blessed

I’ll cherish all my years!

Then I awoke upon my bed

My fears all swept away

Oh was this dream or was this truth?

I really cannot say

And yet I’ll always carry this–

This vision of my dream

And whether true or whether false

I’m stronger so it seems

And I can see those sunken ships–

Can see them sail away

And now can face the world again!

Find joy in every day

*Rick Puetter


This is such a compelling piece. I read it several times in judging and many more since then. I hope you all will find it  inspirational as well.


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2011 Nano winner 2009 special mention in Writer's Journal for "Silent Words" Poet, avid reader, lover of art, average Jane

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