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Third Place Winners of Bring On the Words: Katherine Stokes and Tate Morgan



Where would I be if I didn’t have you?

Lost in a world of confusion

not knowing what to do

I knew you were around,

it was just something I missed…

Silent cries of my envy of

a father’s sweet kiss

That’s why I ask,

“DADDY do you hear me?”


Did you know the many nights I cried,

as I wondered why you were away

Mind riddled with negative thoughts

from negative people from around the way

All my life seemed to be in shambles,

a sort of battle-like tug-of-war

Not knowing you had demons of your own

away from your family, so very far

But I still ask,

“Daddy do you hear me?”


Daddy I would have loved every moment

of every minute of every hour

of the precious moments I had with you

Overjoyed with the thoughts of many questions

that I needed answered,

that only you had the answers to


Man I was lonely…

My loneliness still remains a new-found friend

of purpose,

never knowing where my focus should be,

and what price I would have to pay

to see a future of gain–Are you listening daddy?

I ask again,

DADDY do you hear me?


I have been through so much,

and in life it’s a lesson learned

Pain, anxiety, and such are the evils that

cause concern

Why did I take myself down that road, daddy

to a place where I knew I could never win

A full day can’t go any farther,

it’s a dead-end

Daddy if only I could rewind

the times I had with you

Daddy, I would tell you that one last time,

how much I love you


I know you’re up there gazing down on me

I want you to know I’m doing good to let God–

trying to be drama free

Yet, I still ask…DADDY do you hear me?


Though my life seems challenging, I wake

full of hopes and dreams

Goals steady coming, a future yet unseen

Daddy, I know you hear me, it seems to be clear

Remembering the times we had together

as I hold them dear

I love you with all my heart…

Your grand-daughters look just like you

I ask, daddy, do you hear me?

And in turn I know you do



2011 Nano winner 2009 special mention in Writer's Journal for "Silent Words" Poet, avid reader, lover of art, average Jane

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