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Bring On the Words Honorable Mentions, Gwendolyn Payton & Christina



I’m talking
but no one cares to listen.
I’m crying
but no one sees my tears.
I’m shivering in the cold and lonely darkness,
but no one cares to know my fears.
I’m hurting
but no one cares about my pain.
I’m drowning in despair
but no one tries to save me.
I’m hearing the voices of the little evil men.
I’m seeing demons no one else can see.
I’m tripping
but no one tries to catch me.
I’m falling
yet everyone smiles.
I’m helpless, and I’m asking for a hand
as my friends stand laughing all the while.
I talk. I cry. I shiver. I hurt.
I drown. I hear. I trip. I fall,
while everyone stands around me laughing.
Does no one not care at all?

* Just a quick note. It was  difficult to choose “just one”  third place and honorable mention winner. Therefore, there are two in each group. Out of several entries–which is great for a humble and aspiring novelist, poet, and blogger such as myself–the submissions were pared down to the following list:

The Hope That Lies Beyond by Rick Puetter   First Place Winner

51 Hillview Street by Will Neill  Second Place Winner

Daddy Do You Hear Me by Katherine Stokes Third Place Winner

Rich or Poor by Tate Morgan Third Place Winner (Visit him here)

Does No One Not Care by Gwendolyn Payton *(See above)

The First Sinking by Christina *Available only to members of



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