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Digital Sculptures of Fragmented Figures by Adam Martinakis

Awesome concept!

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Athens-based artist Adam Martinakis creates otherworldly digital sculptures of futuristic figures. Each three-dimensional rendering has a life of its own, presenting surreal depictions of the human form. One piece after the next, Martinakis manages to communicate a sense of emotional appeal through fragmentation. The incomplete forms seem like sturdy, often metallic, beings and delicate structures capable of shattering into a million pieces.

Many of Martinakis’ digital sculptures are, in fact, segmented. Like beautiful Frankenstein creatures that have been pieced together, the artist presents a visual interpretation of the human condition with a constant search for purpose. In his piece titledGolden Boy, sweeping streaks of gold, like hardened splatters of paint or perhaps wires, are centrically configured into the shape of a young boy. His body is constructed through a unique fingerprint pattern that suggests questions of identity. There is something both human and alien about the body of Martinakis’ work.


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