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CBBH Photo Challenge: Street Art

Awesome artwork!

Lucid Gypsy

It’s been ages since I took part in Marianne’s CBBH challenge, sorry Marianne! When I saw that street art is this months’ theme it reminded me of a day spent with friends in Bristol a couple of months ago. Cannon Street is known for its street art and I snapped my favourite work there.

Marianne says

‘Don’t forget that the CBBH Photo Challenge is a little different from some other challenges, in two ways.  First, it’s only once a month – giving you lots of time to consider your entry before the end of the calendar month.  Second, and most important, this is a BLOG HOP (after all, it is the CBBH – Conejo Blanco Blog Hop, meaning white rabbit in Spanish), so DON’T FORGET that in your post you need to add links to two blogs that you have visited and commented on during the past month.  That…

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