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Poets & Poetry IV

Kotaro Takamura Another Rotating Thing

Jaime-Sabines  The Lovers

e. e. Cummings May I Feel Said He

Dennis O’Driscoll  No, Thanks

Margaret Atwood  Variations on the Word Sleep

David Ignatow  For My Daughter in Reply to a Question

Rabindranath Tagore The Gardener

Walt Whitman To a Stranger

Michael Drayton   Love’s Farewell

Petronius Arbiter

Neil Rollinson  Helpline

Gavin Ewart   Office Friendships

Maria Mazziotti Gillan  After School on Ordinary Days

Shiro Murano  A Small Bird’s Sky

Tatsuji Miyoshi

Kihachi Ozaki  Being

W.H. Auden  Song



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