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Tell It To The Hourglass


Look, your sand is working its way toward the bottom a little too fast.

What happened to the hours in the hour-glass?

There’s a glitch somewhere. I swear it is.

There’s barely time to sleep and wake up again.

Did I even get four hours of shut-eye last night?

Moon said tell it to you; I said alright.

The sand heads to the bottom and I can’t compete.

Before I’ve poured the coffee and scribbled things to complete,

you’ve up and jumped to evening and then midnight arrives,

and I’ve hardly worked my way to number five.

I swear there’s some cheating. Who’s your boss?

I want to discuss this. And mark my to-do list off!

“God” you say?

Oh, well, never mind.

I didn’t know your superior was the Father of Time!

Please forgive me.  I was a little brass.

By all means, carry on, Hourglass.




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