About the Author

Whatevertheyaint aka S is a poet, avid reader, average Jane with a dream of one day sitting down to revise her novel draft in its entirety without fixating on the first page.  Until then, she enjoys journal writing and interacting with folks like YOU.  Yes, you, dear reader.  Her modest work includes: the mindless ramblings of this blog; Silent Words, which won special mention in the  Nov/Dec 2009 issue of Writers’ Journal; a local lupus support group newsletter; a letter to the editor of Sister2Sister magazine; a piece in Real Simple magazine, and a poetry spread in a local newspaper.

But regardless of any of that, writing is a daily itch that she must scratch.  Therefore, she makes a habit of doing it every day in the form of prompts, poetry, and old-fashioned letters (Via snail mail.  Gasp!!)

You may contact S (no spam, please) at sssmsndrs@aol.com



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7 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I have the same itch. But mine is an ugly rash. Keep up the good work. One word about writing for the blog. Don’t make it too long. That’s been my experience at any rate.


  2. Hi there. I applaud you for making time to write every day. You know it’s something you have to do. An itch you must scratch. Your words are beautiful here. And for your accomplishments, for putting yourself out there, in however small ways, congratulations. Take care!


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