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January, Untitled

Without you, my days would consist of web surfing and naps
Too much quiet, too much time for melancholy
Miles would remind me I’m Kind of Blue
And I’d drink Merlot for breakfast
And lunch. And dinner, too
You’d ask if I’m falling apart;
I’d answer,The Merlot is gone
Too much time. Too much time without you
You ask if I’m falling apart. I think how empty life would be
Without you


sms aka whatevertheyaint

Jan 25 2017

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Young Writers: Larisa

No one knew how it happened. How he just stopped caring, but also began caring too much. How no one ever knew what to expect from him anymore. Bipolar, the doctors said. Like that really explained anything. How could a single word justify the way he was slowly but surely slipping away, the moments where he didn’t seem to be himself anymore, when he fell into this parallel world of insanity….

Larisa is a seventeen-year-old from Belgium who enjoys television, books, and writing. Her work also includes fan-fiction. The above piece is fan-fiction based on an episode of Shameless. For Full Story, please click link.  For more of Larisa’s writing, mosey over to Writer’s Cafe.  



Some believe in letting the story evolve as they write, whereas others swear by an outline. Which approach, if any, do you take?

A mix of both. I find that outlining too much makes me bored with the story before I’ve even penned a quarter of it; too little leads to rambling without ever making a point.

There’s an old saying that goes, “write what you know.” Yet, you managed to tackle a weighty subject without ever having experienced the illness yourself. Do you feel writing the unfamiliar has both advantages and disadvantages? Please explain.

Yes, I do feel that way. The biggest advantage to working with the unfamiliar is the ability to delve in and really imagine. When I write about familiar situations, I tend to stick to facts and reality and often struggle to add in fiction. I find it easier to just let my imagination run wild. There are disadvantages to writing the unfamiliar as well; for me, it’s mostly a fear of inaccuracy. In this short story specifically, I was afraid to portray Ian’s illness badly, which is why I ended up writing it from Mickey’s point of view. I hope I ended up giving it justice!

In one word, writing isESCAPING

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Third Place Winners of Bring On the Words: Katherine Stokes and Tate Morgan



Where would I be if I didn’t have you?

Lost in a world of confusion

not knowing what to do

I knew you were around,

it was just something I missed…

Silent cries of my envy of

a father’s sweet kiss

That’s why I ask,

“DADDY do you hear me?”


Did you know the many nights I cried,

as I wondered why you were away

Mind riddled with negative thoughts

from negative people from around the way

All my life seemed to be in shambles,

a sort of battle-like tug-of-war

Not knowing you had demons of your own

away from your family, so very far

But I still ask,

“Daddy do you hear me?”


Daddy I would have loved every moment

of every minute of every hour

of the precious moments I had with you

Overjoyed with the thoughts of many questions

that I needed answered,

that only you had the answers to


Man I was lonely…

My loneliness still remains a new-found friend

of purpose,

never knowing where my focus should be,

and what price I would have to pay

to see a future of gain–Are you listening daddy?

I ask again,

DADDY do you hear me?


I have been through so much,

and in life it’s a lesson learned

Pain, anxiety, and such are the evils that

cause concern

Why did I take myself down that road, daddy

to a place where I knew I could never win

A full day can’t go any farther,

it’s a dead-end

Daddy if only I could rewind

the times I had with you

Daddy, I would tell you that one last time,

how much I love you


I know you’re up there gazing down on me

I want you to know I’m doing good to let God–

trying to be drama free

Yet, I still ask…DADDY do you hear me?


Though my life seems challenging, I wake

full of hopes and dreams

Goals steady coming, a future yet unseen

Daddy, I know you hear me, it seems to be clear

Remembering the times we had together

as I hold them dear

I love you with all my heart…

Your grand-daughters look just like you

I ask, daddy, do you hear me?

And in turn I know you do

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In Which I Come Out of My Element

There are times when the jolly people irritate me.  Yes, I said it. Happy, pseudo, and positive folk get on my nerve under certain circumstances.  Are there times when you feel this way?  Perhaps when sleep or food deprived?

Today I am in pain.  Today I learned that my hand issues go beyond carpal tunnel. Today I heard, “but we’ll discuss the rest later.”  What I wanted to read from the surgeon’s lips was, “you’ll be better than new once I’m done with you.”  Of course, that is wishful thinking.

I know that it will work out, because the logical, positive side of me realizes that. HOWEVER, that ain’t what I’m feeling today. My emotional radar is between exasperated and exhausted, and the weather isn’t helping either. I’m in that not-so-nice-mood where you either tell the innocent party (a) can you just listen or (b) if you’re happy and you know it, just shut up.

So how about you? Does the weather affect your moods? What alternatives do you find helpful when dealing with melancholy?


OAN:  Posting will come to a crawl during the next four weeks as I embark upon surgery (next week),  recovery (following two weeks), surgery (couple of weeks after that), and subsequent recovery (undetermined).  I will strive to entertain you with guest post (hooray, someone’s voice other than mine), archives, and exquisitely HAPPY quotes.

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I have been told that I am very rational. There are times in which I’m uncertain whether this is a compliment or a polite way of saying, “You should be crying, yelling, having a nervous breakdown; instead you’re just…standing there. What is your deal!”

Okay, in a couple of situations people pointed out the latter as well.

My reasoning may be faulty, but I feel there has to be some logical reason for every action and reaction in life.  The person who talks to everyone as if they’re idiots from some unknown galaxy? Well, maybe that’s the way they’ve been taught to communicate.  Perhaps their parents conversed with one another that way.  Maybe the rude person in question is having a rough day. That lady who threw a worn garment in your face and demanded a refund, even though the sweater was 80% cat hair and 20% sweater? (And, yes, that happened years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, hormonal, and working customer service)  It is possible that poor lady was…crazy!

Yet, here I am, trying to find a logical reason why this month has been so challenging.  And attempting to find a way to deal–rationally.  And because I can’t, I simply avoid. (See the post: Access & Avoid)

This month: I lost a person I grew up with to lupus, and it hit home harder than usual because…I too have lupus and we were a team, a support group. When this person was diagnosed twelve years ago, she had a family and army of friends who stood by and willed her on.  And to go to her funeral was very hard.

This month: Carpal tunnel wrecked havoc.  Had to halt nano, make a couple of trips to the doctor, pray and recite my daily mantra.  (See, the  post: The Walk-through Daily Mantra) 

To process what nerve damage in both hands means would only make me frustrated, so I search for positive things to do which require minimal movement.

Mind you, holding a book isn’t an easy task. But reading  Poems that Save your Life, a book of inspirational poetry, has lifted my spirits some.

What is my favorite so far?  It’s Fine Today, by Douglass Malloch. The lines which resonate most?  These:

It’s today that I am livin’

Not a month ago.

Havin’; losin’; takin’; given’;

As time wills it so.

Yesterday a cloud of sorrow

Fell across the way,

It may rain again tomorrow,

It may rain–but say,

Ain’t it fine today?