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Did It Ever Occur to You That Maybe You’re Falling in Love?

We buried the problem.

Source: Did It Ever Occur to You That Maybe You’re Falling in Love?

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Untitled, September 2016

this is a comfortable life,
the repeating of words
did you brush your teeth?
please pick up your shoes
the toilet’s still broken
please, pick up your shoes!
tasks and outcomes
faucet still leaking
more piles to pick up
it’s fine, really
we take on titles
our names irrelevant
with each metamorphosis

this is a satisfying life,
the repeating of words
why don’t you buy a wallet?
please fix the gazebo
the wipers are broken
seriously! pick up your shoes
plausible outcomes
brake-fluid still leaking
more hats to pile on
we take on roles
our names irrelevant
with each version
of ourselves

SmS aka Whatevertheyaint 9-2016

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Tell It To The Hourglass


Look, your sand is working its way toward the bottom a little too fast.

What happened to the hours in the hour-glass?

There’s a glitch somewhere. I swear it is.

There’s barely time to sleep and wake up again.

Did I even get four hours of shut-eye last night?

Moon said tell it to you; I said alright.

The sand heads to the bottom and I can’t compete.

Before I’ve poured the coffee and scribbled things to complete,

you’ve up and jumped to evening and then midnight arrives,

and I’ve hardly worked my way to number five.

I swear there’s some cheating. Who’s your boss?

I want to discuss this. And mark my to-do list off!

“God” you say?

Oh, well, never mind.

I didn’t know your superior was the Father of Time!

Please forgive me.  I was a little brass.

By all means, carry on, Hourglass.


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What a Difference a Decade Makes

From the journal, ten years ago:


Tired. No time for anything. Do vacations even count when you have two kids? (The baby.. AND baby’s daddy:-) Look how I have to type my journal entries now. Abridged! Remember the days when I could just sit around with candles and an Erykah Badu CD? Then drive 27 miles or so, take myself to Ryan’s restaurant, waste money on a new smell good and CD, then buy a book, the self-discovery ones where you have to fill in the blanks?  “All About Us,” “List Yourself,” “To Our Children’s Children” (Who knew the last one would serve a purpose.)  Sigh…  That was the life. I’m losing part of my sleep just writing this. I should be napping with the little  one, like the parenting magazine says.



*A couple of years later, my second child came along. I can honestly say that my name is S, and I have no nerves.

*Parenthood and family has a way of bringing us out of ourselves and into something much more meaningful and special.

* I ditched novels and dove into magazines. They’re easier to digest, and you can do it mindlessly. Just flip the page, no need to actually read.

* Occasionally, I’ll splurge on a self-discovery book to stay sane.

* Who am I? What did they do with that other me, you know, the narcissist?!





YOUR TURN: How has your life changed over the past decade? How would you say the world in general has changed?

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Family Tree (A Poem)

inspired by the thrill of research….


I open Pandora’s box,

tread down memory’s lane

All has changed, all’s the same

Generations of names and faces,

trees and traces

of me in them

I wonder if she knows

that she too grows upon these boughs

the same from which our ancestors




sms aka whatevertheyaint/2013